Heading out for the first street style stop in SF! Walking down Powell St. may sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, with tons of people coming from the Bart Station or just shopping up and down the street, but what better time to find some great looks than now? Here are some fashion forward men we found roaming around the SF Streetcar.


NAME: Zatt


LOCATION: San Francisco Streetcar Station

Zatt’s definition of fashion is, “fashion is learning who you are and communicating your personality without saying a word.”

Zatt describes his style as very European, sophisticated menswear while adding a hint of athletic sportswear to the mix.

SHANI’S THOUGHTS: With spring in full effect, Zatt has the right idea! Teal chinos, while some may think it as risky choice, actually are a great way to slip a bit of color into your outfit without going overboard. However you may want to keep it simple with your choice in shirt and shoes to make sure you don’t clash or over do it with too much color. Also with spring blossoming with fresh air, and breezing winds, wearing oxfords with no socks is a great way to “casualize” your sophisticated style without looking too stuffy.



OCCUPATION: Window Dresser

LOCATION: San Francisco Streetcar Station

Tim, a very fashionable San Franciscan, gathers his inspiration from 50s workwear, Leatherman from the 70s, and also some “bikerish” influences, along with 50s Americana. Tim Takes all classic men’s perfecto and mixes 50s classics with his own twist.

SHANI’S THOUGHTS: People watching while walking up and down the streets of SF is one of my favorite things to do. Walking down Powell St and what do I see, a very stylish, some would say a little older of a man. Immediately his style caught my eye and it  was one I had to capture! Cuffing your trousers while wearing boots is the right idea, it sometimes is a better choice than tucking them into your boots which sometimes can look a little tacky.


NAME: Seth & Hensen

OCCUPATION: Urban Outfitters Sales Associate

LOCATION: San Francisco Streetcar Station

Seth and Hensen both with similar styles, explained that they gather most of their inspiration from working at Urban Outfitters. They see what the visual merchandisers showcase on the mannequin forms, while trying to add a little bit of their own flavor to it. Also another place of inspiration is Tumblr, or other social medias like Instagram where they subconsciously gather different fashion trends and see what other people are wearing.

When asked what fashion means to them, Seth explained it as a way to express yourself, something that makes your feel a certain way while wearing different outfits, but most of all a confidence booster. Fashion gives you confidence.

SHANI’S THOUGHTS: As you can see these two are ready for work! They’ve hit the Urban Outfitter look right on the head! A very laid back urban look is right up the outfitter’s alley. You can never go wrong with a backwards five panel, ripped jeans, and some Converse.


BUZZFEED’S 10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

With fashion trends moving ever so quickly these days, you may never know what is “fashionably” acceptable.

Its time to throw those overly saggy jeans out the window, tuck in that formal dress shirt, and try on some off-the-wall socks! In BuzzFeedYellow’s video, 10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong, they have come up with some tips you won’t want to miss out on! These quick and easy steps just might be the help you’ve been looking for when it comes to you perfecting your fashion sense. Use these tips as a helping guide to create your next most exceptional outfit!



Being a student is hard; being a student-athlete is even harder. What about being a student-athlete at a school whose main focus is art. Sherelle Williams has been a student-athlete at the Academy of Art University for three years. Playing on the Women’s basketball team and majoring in Fashion Styling, see what she has to say about her sporty chic lifestyle.

  1. In what ways do you incorporate your sports lifestyle into your fashion?

It’s my main focus of most of my projects. It is what type of styling I would like to do after school. I would like start off by doing some personal styling for famous athletes. A lot of the time athletes don’t have the greatest sense of fashion, especially men. I think I could see myself doing some great work for the men in sports.

  1. How do you feel about high-end fashion labels putting a spin on sportswear in fashion? 

I love it! I think it is great, it is exactly how I dress so it’s a win-win situation for me.

  1. Being a student-athlete, how do you manage your time with sports and school?

It is very hard being a student-athlete, especially at the Academy. A school that is so project based and having the main focus of your school work being what is going to start your portfolio for the real world. I try my best to make time with school and sports, by equaling out the time. There are some days where I am jammed packed with homework staying up very late, and having to get up at 7am the next morning for practice. I think the most difficult part of managing is when we are on the road. Staying in hotel, plane rides and long drives, there is not enough time, or sometimes not even great wifi to try and do my work.

  1. Coming straight from practice to class, what are some ways that you like to flare up your look if you do not have time to change?

Playing a sport at the Academy is way different from playing a sport at any other University. We unlike most universities don’t have a main campus, causing us not to have our own gym facility. We practice about 30mins away from our main location 620 Sutter St. We start practice around 8am going until 11am giving me about 30mins until my noon class. There is not much time to go home and change into something more presentable, or even fashion forward. My usual outfit for class contains sweats and a sweatshirt (and not even a cute one).

  1. Do you ever feel uncomfortable wearing sweats to class, while everyone else is dressed?

When I first came to this school I for sure felt uncomfortable, especially being in the fashion program. Everyone comes to class all dolled up and here I am wearing my red and black sweatpants suit. I often felt so out of the loop, but now I’m pretty sure everyone knows that I am in sports, and so I don’t care as much. There are days that I don’t have class until 3:30 giving me time to actually get dressed.

  1. How would you identify your style?

My style is very simple; I enjoy layering and wearing loose fitting clothing. Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 5.29.17 PM

  1. So you mentioned some of your new projects incorporated menswear. What about menswear inspires you?

I enjoy working with men as a stylist because they are more open to taking risk in fashion trends. And I do believe menswear is universal and can be worn by anyone.

  1. Where do you get your inspiration from for your styling?

I gather most of my inspiration by just raiding the Internet. Tons of fashion blog, fashion sites like WGSN,, Refinery29, WWD, and honestly just from people I see everyday. As you know living in SF there are a ton of different styles, I like to see what others like to put together, and sometimes If I really like what they are wearing I’ll pick up some tips on how they styled themselves.

  1. What styling road would you like to go down after graduation?

I would love to be a personal stylist for some of the very stylish male athletes. There has been a huge rise in fashion with male athletes, like NBA stars Russell Westbrook, Nick Young, and Dwayne Wade and so many more.

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