Meet “Jae”

What’s up everyone, my name is Kwabena “Jae” Boateng. I am 22 years old originally from Portland, Oregon but now residing in Brooklyn, New York! When it comes to fashion and how I dress, I have no standard. I like to dress completely unorthodox and not have a particular style. To me, fashion is an expression and extension of yourself and personality. With my personality and being from Portland, it reflects in my choice of style. Darker shades of clothing are the usual attire followed by shoes of a vibrant and expected color to know of throw everything off, but bring it together at the same time. Complex outfits of multiple layers are my favorite since there are so many options and variations and possibilities that you can go with, so I love seasons of early Spring and mid-late Fall. Fashion and dressing gives you the freedom to literally do anything you want and express yourself in how you feel is necessary or suffice, and not what Joe Shmoe says is cool.


Instagram @jae.bntg

Twitter @jaebtng


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