Dress like Kanye in an affordable manner

We’ve all seen Kanye’s latest wardrobe attire with tattered oversized shirts, jackets and his well-known Adidas Yeezy  Boost sneaker. Now some may love this look and others maybe not so much, but for those who wish to obtain this look, without breaking your bank, I’ve got some affordable choices just for you!

International-Kanye-and-Kardashian-Street-style-Kate-walks-in-Paris-fashion-show-2014-2015-4 41f20ec4ac7dd5e7b268715616bad5ae 878478851af0ffc1f283e99d6b8111e4

H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zara, and Adidas all are pretty good place to check when looking to create an affordable wardrobe. Here are some top picks I came up with to help you create your own Kanye West attire.

Untitled-1With these affordable picks you could be rocking one of the hottest looks this year. Put your own Kanye twist on it and make it original, make it you! I want to hear back from you! What are your own favorite Kanye looks from this past year? How would you spice it up?


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