The Stan Smith better than ever


Back again from the 1970s, when the German company Adidas first produced one of the hottest sneakers today, the Stan Smith. I realized last summer that the Stan Smith was back on the market, the stylish leather sneaker was the talk of the town and everywhere you looked the all white with a hint of green shoe was on everyone’s feet. The fad is still around and better than ever! Stan Smiths have definitely evolved, what once was a simple all white leather sneaker, has now collaborated with high fashion designer Raf Simons, singer-songwritter Pharrell Williams to create some new stylish looks. We’ve got suede, bright colors, pastels, cracked leather, gold and silver with straps, polka dots, and flyknits. There have been so many changes to make one of the classics brand new!

Here are some favorites for you all to enjoy, join the club and grab you a pair!

For some of the craziest designs, check out HypeBeast’s post about some of the best Stans Smiths out there!


If your sold and your ready to have your own pair of Stan Smiths, here are some online sites that you can purchase a pair or maybe two!


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