Heading out for the first street style stop in SF! Walking down Powell St. may sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, with tons of people coming from the Bart Station or just shopping up and down the street, but what better time to find some great looks than now? Here are some fashion forward men we found roaming around the SF Streetcar.


NAME: Zatt


LOCATION: San Francisco Streetcar Station

Zatt’s definition of fashion is, “fashion is learning who you are and communicating your personality without saying a word.”

Zatt describes his style as very European, sophisticated menswear while adding a hint of athletic sportswear to the mix.

SHANI’S THOUGHTS: With spring in full effect, Zatt has the right idea! Teal chinos, while some may think it as risky choice, actually are a great way to slip a bit of color into your outfit without going overboard. However you may want to keep it simple with your choice in shirt and shoes to make sure you don’t clash or over do it with too much color. Also with spring blossoming with fresh air, and breezing winds, wearing oxfords with no socks is a great way to “casualize” your sophisticated style without looking too stuffy.



OCCUPATION: Window Dresser

LOCATION: San Francisco Streetcar Station

Tim, a very fashionable San Franciscan, gathers his inspiration from 50s workwear, Leatherman from the 70s, and also some “bikerish” influences, along with 50s Americana. Tim Takes all classic men’s perfecto and mixes 50s classics with his own twist.

SHANI’S THOUGHTS: People watching while walking up and down the streets of SF is one of my favorite things to do. Walking down Powell St and what do I see, a very stylish, some would say a little older of a man. Immediately his style caught my eye and it  was one I had to capture! Cuffing your trousers while wearing boots is the right idea, it sometimes is a better choice than tucking them into your boots which sometimes can look a little tacky.


NAME: Seth & Hensen

OCCUPATION: Urban Outfitters Sales Associate

LOCATION: San Francisco Streetcar Station

Seth and Hensen both with similar styles, explained that they gather most of their inspiration from working at Urban Outfitters. They see what the visual merchandisers showcase on the mannequin forms, while trying to add a little bit of their own flavor to it. Also another place of inspiration is Tumblr, or other social medias like Instagram where they subconsciously gather different fashion trends and see what other people are wearing.

When asked what fashion means to them, Seth explained it as a way to express yourself, something that makes your feel a certain way while wearing different outfits, but most of all a confidence booster. Fashion gives you confidence.

SHANI’S THOUGHTS: As you can see these two are ready for work! They’ve hit the Urban Outfitter look right on the head! A very laid back urban look is right up the outfitter’s alley. You can never go wrong with a backwards five panel, ripped jeans, and some Converse.


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